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Tue Jan 27 12:32:11 EST 2015

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 11:37 PM, Satwantjit Kaur <99satwant at> wrote:
> I am a final year B.Tech (CSE) student from NIT Jalandhar. I like
> programming and I know C and C++ programming languages. I have worked
> on IPC and socket programming in C/C++. I wish to take up a project in
> Linux Kernel development and contribute to it. Can somebody guide me
> further?

Hi Satwantjit,

If I had introduced myself, I would have done it in similar fashion
too (as we do similarly in other mailing lists too eg: BRL-CAD). Since
we are newbies we are inexperienced and we cannot at once decide what
we need to contribute in without knowing what exactly it is. But yes
we need to do some homework before asking that's what I have learnt
from this uber fruitful discussion.

And yes it would be cool if you write a blog post for the newbies like
"DOs and DONT DOs before introducing in mailing lists." ;-)

P.S. Don't be disgruntled with the responses but inspired as all are
willing to help but the other way. ;-) Let's contribute as we have a
number of suggested resources!

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