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Satwantjit Kaur 99satwant at
Tue Jan 27 12:52:27 EST 2015

On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 9:32 AM, Albert Coder <eralbert9191 at> wrote:
> Hi Satwantjit,
> If I had introduced myself, I would have done it in similar fashion
> too (as we do similarly in other mailing lists too eg: BRL-CAD). Since
> we are newbies we are inexperienced and we cannot at once decide what
> we need to contribute in without knowing what exactly it is. But yes
> we need to do some homework before asking that's what I have learnt
> from this uber fruitful discussion.
> And yes it would be cool if you write a blog post for the newbies like
> "DOs and DONT DOs before introducing in mailing lists." ;-)
> P.S. Don't be disgruntled with the responses but inspired as all are
> willing to help but the other way. ;-) Let's contribute as we have a
> number of suggested resources!
Sure, I found the replies really helpful. I am referring to the
tutorials and videos for learning about Linux Kernel Development. I
will try to explore and find the part that interests me the most, so
that I can contribute to it.

Satwantjit Kaur

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