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> Hi,
>     I am a final year B.Tech (CSE) student from NIT Jalandhar. I like
> programming and I know C and C++ programming languages. I have worked
> on IPC and socket programming in C/C++. I wish to take up a project in
> Linux Kernel development and contribute to it. Can somebody guide me
> further?
> --
> Satwantjit Kaur

Dear all

This is an interesting discussion, because it always comes up frequently.

Oh and btw, thank you for mentioning my name as contributor although I am
rarely joining in lately.

here's my view:
I whole heartedly agree with Valdis, Anuz and Robert, that to get into
kernel development, you need to have "vision" first.

However, as someone who grew interest at kernel development while digging
into clustering, I can tell you that sometimes (or most of the times) the
"vision" isn't always within us from day one. So, my trick is, (hopefully
it will work with you too): think about your own OS installation (at home,
office, etc_ and what bugs you most and how you want it to make it better?

Maybe you want it to feel snappier when you click mouse? then perhaps you
need to jump into scheduler.

Maybe you feel awful when you see your OS chews memory too much (although
you're not sure whether to blame OS, your web browser, your office suite
etc), then maybe memory management is the way to go.

Or maybe you're sick your lovely ipod isn't detected properly? then go
ahead into device driver, possibly into USB (cmiiw people).

But above all, you need to be careful not to feed kernel something that can
be done in user space e.g security policy is mostly user space domain.
Evaluate your need properly

PS: guys, i am always monitoring this list passively, so  I am still in :)


Mulyadi Santosa
Freelance Linux trainer and consultant

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