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On Sun, 25 Jan 2015 16:29:00 -0800, "Robert P. J. Day" said:

>   what's wrong with ftrace? but seriously, you know what newcomers
> might get some value out of doing if they want to contribute? writing
> some really, really good documentation or tutorials.

If somebody were to do a really good "Top 25 perf/ftrace tricks/recipes"
for the best incantations for common use cases, they'd have a hard time
buying themselves a beer at a gathering of Linux geeks. ;)

For example: "I don't care the exact function, but which .o or .so is my
program spending its time in?"  (And yes, this *does* come up a lot -for
large programs, there's usually no one single function that burns enough
CPU time to dominate - but if you look at the top 5 shared libraries,
you can pretty much tell "Yeah, those 5 are where I expect it to be burning
a lot of time" or "Wow, why is *that* library I've never heard of at number
2 on the list?"...)

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