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On Monday, January 26, 2015, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at> wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Jan 2015, Jeshwanth Kumar N K wrote:
> > Hi Satwanjit,
> >
> > If you are doing for final year project, my suggestion is develop
> > some userspace tools which is not available and useful one. Probably
> > getting info from kernel and display some info etc. Right now I am
> > not getting any idea, but developing a tool is good idea. U can
> > identify.
> >
> > I am mentioning above one because by haven't mentioned any kernel
> > topics u know.
>   what's wrong with ftrace? but seriously, you know what newcomers
> might get some value out of doing if they want to contribute? writing
> some really, really good documentation or tutorials.
>   the mainline kernel developers are, unsurprisingly, tres busy doing,
> you know, developing, and often the code gets ahead of the docs. so if
> you want, pick a subsystem, read up on it and see if it needs improved
> documentation. then write it. there are lots of benefits to this.
>   first, there is *always* a desperate need for better documentation,
> and absolutely *no* *one* will discourage you from writing docs.
>   second, you can't really f**k things up if you stick to
> documentation, and because it represents non-functional changes,
> you're way more likely to get your patches applied than if you were
> trying to contribute code.
>   and third (without naming names), if you just want to start getting
> your name into the kernel git log (and there's nothing wrong with
> having that ambition since it's something you can brag about), it
> doesn't get much easier than updating the in-kernel docs.
>   if you want a specific project, here's one. start combing through
> the Documentation/ directory and identifying the stuff that is
> craptastically out of date. there's a lot of docs there, and piles of
> it is suffering from neglect. some of it could stand to be updated,
> while some of it could stand to be deleted entirely.
>   so start reading, and comparing that documentation to the current
> kernel source, and start submitting changes to update it. there ... is
> that specific enough of a suggestion?
> rday
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Robert, Documentation is really good idea :).

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