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Mon Jan 26 01:56:07 EST 2015

Hi All,

How about working on ARM development board.

We get to work much close to the latest kernel and features that are build for SOC.
More over we can maintain and test out changes on development boards
and submit our changes to LKM.

Also it fast way to contribute to the LKM.

-Anand Moon

On Monday, January 26, 2015 9:17 AM, "Valdis.Kletnieks at" <Valdis.Kletnieks at> wrote:
On Sun, 25 Jan 2015 16:29:00 -0800, "Robert P. J. Day" said:

>   what's wrong with ftrace? but seriously, you know what newcomers
> might get some value out of doing if they want to contribute? writing
> some really, really good documentation or tutorials.

If somebody were to do a really good "Top 25 perf/ftrace tricks/recipes"
for the best incantations for common use cases, they'd have a hard time
buying themselves a beer at a gathering of Linux geeks. ;)

For example: "I don't care the exact function, but which .o or .so is my
program spending its time in?"  (And yes, this *does* come up a lot -for
large programs, there's usually no one single function that burns enough
CPU time to dominate - but if you look at the top 5 shared libraries,
you can pretty much tell "Yeah, those 5 are where I expect it to be burning
a lot of time" or "Wow, why is *that* library I've never heard of at number
2 on the list?"...)

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