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Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Sun Jan 25 19:29:00 EST 2015

On Mon, 26 Jan 2015, Jeshwanth Kumar N K wrote:

> Hi Satwanjit,
> If you are doing for final year project, my suggestion is develop
> some userspace tools which is not available and useful one. Probably
> getting info from kernel and display some info etc. Right now I am
> not getting any idea, but developing a tool is good idea. U can
> identify.
> I am mentioning above one because by haven't mentioned any kernel
> topics u know.

  what's wrong with ftrace? but seriously, you know what newcomers
might get some value out of doing if they want to contribute? writing
some really, really good documentation or tutorials.

  the mainline kernel developers are, unsurprisingly, tres busy doing,
you know, developing, and often the code gets ahead of the docs. so if
you want, pick a subsystem, read up on it and see if it needs improved
documentation. then write it. there are lots of benefits to this.

  first, there is *always* a desperate need for better documentation,
and absolutely *no* *one* will discourage you from writing docs.

  second, you can't really f**k things up if you stick to
documentation, and because it represents non-functional changes,
you're way more likely to get your patches applied than if you were
trying to contribute code.

  and third (without naming names), if you just want to start getting
your name into the kernel git log (and there's nothing wrong with
having that ambition since it's something you can brag about), it
doesn't get much easier than updating the in-kernel docs.

  if you want a specific project, here's one. start combing through
the Documentation/ directory and identifying the stuff that is
craptastically out of date. there's a lot of docs there, and piles of
it is suffering from neglect. some of it could stand to be updated,
while some of it could stand to be deleted entirely.

  so start reading, and comparing that documentation to the current
kernel source, and start submitting changes to update it. there ... is
that specific enough of a suggestion?



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