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> 1) Find something you do not like.

Exactly.  This is the point a lot of people miss.

Personally, I mostly stick to "badly written Kconfig entries" and
"stuff in linux-next that makes my Dell laptop misbehave", because
that's stuff I can actually test/report/fix, and stuff that ticks me off. ;)

> > it's like
> > saying, "i really want to write a book, but i have no idea what i
> > should write about. can you give me some ideas for a plot? and
> > characters? and possibly an ending?" yes, it's that silly.
> Isn't this called "writer's block"? To me this does not sound like a silly
> thing to say at all.

Writer's block is when you can't find a rhyme for the 23rd line, or can't
figure out how to make your villain drop out in chapter 5 so he can re-appear
in chapter 9.  If you need ideas for plot, characters, and ending, you're
not a writer.

Horror writer Steven King was once asked "Why do you write such dark scary
stuff?".  He replied "What makes you think I have any choice in the matter?"

Now that dude is a *writer*.

And quite frankly, unless somebody have similar feelings about coding, they
probably shouldn't be hacking the kernel.

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