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On 17:44 Tue 03 Sep     , Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>  it's somewhat absurd to say you want to get involved in kernel
> development, then ask *others* where you should start.

I guess it sounds absurd because he missed how open source development
1) Find something you do not like.
2) Try to understand what is going on.
3) Try to think of ways to solve it.
4) Ask for opinions.
5) Implement your solution.
6) Post it. Depending on how others react you might decide to redo parts or
   even start from scratch (or maybe even abandoning it). It could also
   happen that somebody else takes your idea and solves it in a different
   way. Bad things could happen as well, like everybody ignoring you because
   they do not care about your problem.

This is in contrast to school/work environments where others tell you what
you have to do.

> it's like
> saying, "i really want to write a book, but i have no idea what i
> should write about. can you give me some ideas for a plot? and
> characters? and possibly an ending?" yes, it's that silly.

Isn't this called "writer's block"? To me this does not sound like a silly
thing to say at all.

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