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>     Hello,
> Building a install-able build for linux Kernel, that is it.
> I have done these:
> $ make help
> $ make ARCH=x86 defconfig <<<This is incorrect you need to give a
> defconfig file name example for arm the configs are in

>     $ make ARCH=x86 << once the config is done properly you dont need to
> give the ARCH option
> $ make ARCH=x86 module_install
> gave error nothing to make
> $ make ARCH=x86 install << command is *make modules_install install*
> gave error lilo needs to to be installed.
> The kernel is built (for all processor types along with multiprocessor
> support as well), vmlinux.iso and bzimage.iso is there, the libraries are
> built, modules need to be configured though with grub/ lilo. Will get Lilo
> installed or a grub creator (what do I use for this?). << I use grub
> because on giving make modules_install install the grub gets updated
> automatically
> /boot, /kernel, /library, /.... are there. I do not have /bin, /usr, /etc
> folders in this. Am I missing something or will that be built during the
> process.<<<<< You are compiling a kernel the /kernel, /boot are part of
> your kernel source code directory and /usr, /etc ,/bin are part of the file
> system
> Can someone help me with the steps and syntax's just ahead step by step
> (like above) further to make a Installer CD and workable boot to be written
> to a system? The system does not boot with the above, even with a complete
> copy paste to USB or to a CD. i will take care of complexities myself, just
> mention any dont's or do's for configuration that is all, I will need help
> with.
> TnR,
> Ganesh
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