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Building a install-able build for linux Kernel, that is it.

I have done these:
$ make help

$ make ARCH=x86 defconfig
$ make ARCH=x86

$ make ARCH=x86 module_install
gave error nothing to make

$ make ARCH=x86 install
gave error lilo needs to to be installed.

The kernel is built (for all processor types along with multiprocessor support as well), vmlinux.iso and bzimage.iso is there, the libraries are built, modules need to be configured though with grub/ lilo. Will get Lilo installed or a grub creator (what do I use for this?). 

/boot, /kernel, /library, /.... are there. I do not have /bin, /usr, /etc folders in this. Am I missing something or will that be built during the process.

Can someone help me with the steps and syntax's just ahead step by step (like above) further to make a Installer CD and workable boot to be written to a system? The system does not boot with the above, even with a complete copy paste to USB or to a CD. i will take care of complexities myself, just mention any dont's or do's for configuration that is all, I will need help with.

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