Using net/wan/hdlc with serdev

Ayush Singh ayushdevel1325 at
Thu Aug 10 15:10:50 EDT 2023

So after some more looking around in the code, I think the workflow is 
quite a bit different than what I thought in the previous mail. I think 
I am supposed to allocate hdlc device using `alloc_hdlcdev` in the 
`serdev->probe` and then implementing `hdlc->xmit` to send data over UART.

But well, I am not sure how to create an HDLC frame? Is there a helper 
that creates HDLC frame skbuff for me? Or maybe the hdlc implementation 
is simply not designed to be used for Asynchronous framing [1]. It would 
be great if someone could explain how to use this HDLC module or point 
to some resource I might have missed.

Ayush Singh

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