Using net/wan/hdlc with serdev

Ayush Singh ayushdevel1325 at
Thu Aug 3 11:24:06 EDT 2023

Hello everyone. I have a serdev driver that communicates with a 
coprocessor using HDLC [1]. I am currently using my own HDLC 
implementation, but someone pointed out to me that I might be able to 
use `drivers/net/wan/hdlc` instead.

However, I am not quite sure how I am supposed to use it. I think I am 
supposed to `register_hdlc_protocol` in the serdev probe. The 
`hdlc_proto->netif_rx` callback is called when data is available, and 
`hdlc_proto->xmit` is called to send data? What is the format of 
`skb-data` in rx?

It would be great if someone could point me to some drivers that use 
Linux internal HDLC implementation.

Ayush Singh

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