Does Linux (Torvald's tree) infringe GPLv2 and contain proprietary binary blobs?

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> Hi Everyone,
> Let me explain why I'm posting such an unusual question and why I really
> _NEED_ reliable answers and (above all) reliable links to official
> documents...
> In Wikipedia there is an article called "Linux kernel" at
> According to XTools I'm the first of more than 1500 editors. I'm the one
> who contributed the most. I'm proud of it, despite it still needs lots of
> additional  relevant information and perhaps it also needs the removal of
> other not so relevant and/or redundant info.
> It's a "Class B" article (something that has been peer-reviewed by
> thousands of people and considered two grades less than the top Wikipedia's
> articles).
> Unfortunately, there have been several attempts to state that Linux is
> _not_ a free and open source kernel and that it contains proprietary binary
> blobs.
> I'm asking for help to remove those fake information, mainly sponsored and
> backed by the FSF and by the Linux libre project (or something like that).
> Can someone please provide reliable sources that I can use when reverting
> the above-mentioned false information? Unfortunately, I cannot simply
> revert them by just saying that the Linux Community won't ever accept non
> GPLv2 complaint

Sorry, "complaint" --> "compliant".


> There is a strict rule that says "No original research": mostly everything
> must be supported by links to third party reliable documentation (web,
> books, and so on).

It simply means that I cannot tell, for instance, that the Maintainers of
the subsystems I have submitted patches to (first of all, Greg
Kroah-Hartman) won't ever accept unsigned code and/or proprietary binary
blobs, just because any  personal experience with working with the
Community is not considered a  "reliable and authoritative source of


Fabio M. De Francesco

Again, can someone please help?
> Thanks,
> Fabio M. De Francesco
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