Does Linux (Torvald's tree) infringe GPLv2 and contain proprietary binary blobs?

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Thu Mar 10 21:48:37 EST 2022

Hi Everyone,

Let me explain why I'm posting such an unusual question and why I really
_NEED_ reliable answers and (above all) reliable links to official

In Wikipedia there is an article called "Linux kernel" at

According to XTools I'm the first of more than 1500 editors. I'm the one
who contributed the most. I'm proud of it, despite it still needs lots of
additional  relevant information and perhaps it also needs the removal of
other not so relevant and/or redundant info.

It's a "Class B" article (something that has been peer-reviewed by
thousands of people and considered two grades less than the top Wikipedia's

Unfortunately, there have been several attempts to state that Linux is
_not_ a free and open source kernel and that it contains proprietary binary

I'm asking for help to remove those fake information, mainly sponsored and
backed by the FSF and by the Linux libre project (or something like that).

Can someone please provide reliable sources that I can use when reverting
the above-mentioned false information? Unfortunately, I cannot simply
revert them by just saying that the Linux Community won't ever accept non
GPLv2 complaint code.

There is a strict rule that says "No original research": mostly everything
must be supported by links to third party reliable documentation (web,
books, and so on).

Again, can someone please help?


Fabio M. De Francesco
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