First Time Contributor: Looking for Good Beginner issues

Fabio M. De Francesco fmdefrancesco at
Sun Jan 30 10:48:34 EST 2022

On sabato 22 gennaio 2022 08:13:53 CET Dhruva gole wrote:
> [...]
> Kindly let me know where I can contribute as a beginner to the kernel.
The best place to start hacking the Linux kernel is the drivers/staging subsystem.

Each subdirectory has its own TODO file which lists what the maintainers and
regular contributors expect it to be done to finally move a driver out from staging
to the more mature parts of the kernel.

For how to set up your development tools and to understand how to work
with the Linux kernel community, refer to


Fabio M. De Francesco

P.S.: This question has been answered lots of times. Before asking, one should better
do some homework (Google search and the likes)  :) :) :)

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