Minimul Config file for Dev Environment

Aruna Hewapathirane aruna.hewapathirane at
Sat Jul 30 23:06:42 EDT 2016

> Hi Folks,

> I usually compile the linux kernel by copying current system .config
file. But the
> problem it compile bunch things that I don't which is required. My aim
> is setup filesystem environmrnt setup on my laptop.

> Could somebody point the minimal .config file that will save from me
> reading all the options and compile the kernel quickly and test it.

1 - Plug in and turn on *all* your external devices, this step is to ensure
     the laptop kernel loads all the required modules for your devices.

2 - On the laptop run:
     lsmod > /tmp/jitendra-laptop

     This will store the currently loaded modules in the laptop to the file:

3 - Pass it in as a LSMOD parameter to make:
     make LSMOD=/tmp/jitendra-laptop localmodconfig

4 - Done !

5 - Install ccache. It will improve your build time dramatically. It caches
objects. So it will reduce subsequent builds.

Some interesting history about localmodconfig is here:

Good luck - Aruna
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