Monitor filesystem write to a specific directory?

Jeffrey Walton noloader at
Tue Mar 31 03:32:07 EDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

I have some build scripts that allow me to install updated developer
tools on older machines. It builds and installs tools like Git, Curl
and Wget. It also builds dependencies. The scripts can handle about 80

One of those scripts is building a package that is performing a
wayward write during 'make install'. It is not using my specified
--libdir; instead it appears to hard code ${prefix}/lib. The incorrect
hard coded path breaks on Red Hat systems and Solaris. I need to
determine the offender.

On Windows I would use Process Monitor, run the programs and then
filter the events. I'm trying to find a Linux equivalent but neither
strace nor ltrace looks like an equivalent. For strace and ltrace it
does not look like I can setup a filter and get the process name.

How can I monitor filesystem writes to a specific directory?

Thanks in advance.

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