Requesting Feedback

Lukas Bulwahn lukas.bulwahn at
Sun Mar 29 13:49:57 EDT 2020

>> I am Athul Joy. On March 27 I have submitted my first ever patch with the title "[PATCH] Staging: android: fix struct file_operations warning". I have made the patch in /drivers/staging/android/. I have sent the patch to one of the maintainers.  I haven't got any feedback from him. I just wanted to know if my patch follows all the guidelines of the kernel community or I missed any steps. I dont know what to do next. This feedback can improve my skills so that I can contribute more to the Linux kernel. Can anyone help me ?
>> Looking forward to hearing from you.

Check if you have sent the patch to the recipients of
./scripts/ and the according mailing lists. If you
send the patch as private mail, they may be simply ignored because
they did not go to the mailing list, as they always should.

Also, when you send it on Friday, March 27th, and today is Sunday, you
simply need to be more patient. You can resend the patch after
two-three weeks if no one responds. Kernel maintainers are busy
developers, and they also deserve to have a private life and weekend
breaks :)


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