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Fri Feb 21 19:15:33 EST 2020

On Fri, 21 Feb 2020 23:41:10 +0000, Enzo Desiage said:

> modules I actually need (thanks find_all_modules.sh). I'm trying to devise
> a strategy to take the output of that script and make a brand new minimal
> .config file. However, the only solution I've found is doing it manually
> via make menuconfig. This seems to be a rather long process, which I
> wouldn't mind doing if there aren't any other alternatives.
> Is there any other way?

Step 1:  Plug in all your USB widgets and storage and other hot-pluggables
long enough for the kernel to load each device's drivers.

Step 2: 'make localmodconfig'.  This will create a .config that only has those
modules that were actually loaded at the time (there's also an option to take
the output of an 'lsmod', in case you're doing the builds on a different machine)
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