Enzo Desiage enzo at desiage.org
Fri Feb 21 18:41:10 EST 2020

Hi all,

I have just finished reading most of "The Linux Kernel in a Nutshell".
1. I wish I knew about this book two weeks ago
2. I'm currently recompiling my kernel in a VM, by having copied the base
.config file from /boot as it's been recompiling, for now, more than an
hour, I started having questions and carried on reading the book hoping to
find answers.
Turns out I don't need every modules and driver that Ubuntu has in its
initial .config file for my VM. Having understood that and found all the
modules I actually need (thanks find_all_modules.sh). I'm trying to devise
a strategy to take the output of that script and make a brand new minimal
.config file. However, the only solution I've found is doing it manually
via make menuconfig. This seems to be a rather long process, which I
wouldn't mind doing if there aren't any other alternatives.
Is there any other way?

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