Introduction & Query on Newbie Website Status

Jack Winch sunt.un.morcov at
Wed Feb 5 10:46:37 EST 2020

> The accounts themselves are useless without the ability to
> make any edits, but I assume they must be making a little
> bit of money selling (useless) account credentials...


>  With MoinMoin 1.9 essentially dead, and
> the next development version quite moribund, I think it is
> time for me to move to another wiki, where the worst case for
> lookups is O(log(N)), not O(N). Maybe Dokuwiki.

Along with worst case lookup, given the current bombardment of
malicious requests to the site (which is having a real impact on site
availability at the moment), a solution with support for deterrents of
this kind of malice would also be welcome.
Additionally, migration of the site's content to a new solution could
pose an ideal time to review the validity and currency of some of the
information available on the site.  By and large, most of the
information available on the site seems to be current and / or valid,
although there are some parts which could use an update (one area
which springs to mind without being able to access the site is the
list of potential beginner projects for those looking to introduce new
features to the kernel).

~ Jack

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