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Rik van Riel riel at
Mon Feb 3 15:10:53 EST 2020

On Mon, 2020-02-03 at 19:49 +0000, Jack Winch wrote:
> > The web site seems to be up now, without me having
> > made any changes at all. Were you getting timeouts
> > (routing issues?) or web server errors? 
> >  
> Using the Chrome browser, I was getting various errors relating to
> DNS.  But, the problem appears to be intermittent and is happening 
> on my work device in the office and on my personal computer at home. 
> This evening it appears to be working from home, but not the office. 
> If I get the issue again, I shall undertake some further
> investigation.  At home, I make use of the public Google DNS servers
> and the DNS server at work is setup to forward to these servers
> also.  When I was having issues on my personal computer (i.e., when I
> originally posted to the mailing list), clearing the DNS cache of
> both my computer and the modem-router had no effect, leaving me
> unable to access the website.  However, today, it appears I can
> access the site from home.

It could well be a time of day thing. When I looked earlier,
some spammers were trying to create multiple wiki accounts
a second, slowing the site to a crawl due to the way MoinMoin
stores user data.

The accounts themselves are useless without the ability to
make any edits, but I assume they must be making a little
bit of money selling (useless) account credentials...

Over 50,000 accounts created just in the past week, on just
one of the wikis. With MoinMoin 1.9 essentially dead, and
the next development version quite moribund, I think it is
time for me to move to another wiki, where the worst case for
lookups is O(log(N)), not O(N). Maybe Dokuwiki.

All Rights Reversed.
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