Any successful story of debugging linux 4.13 with qemu 2.10 and gdb 8.01?

jjDaNiMoTh jjdanimoth at
Thu Sep 21 04:43:08 EDT 2017

2017-09-21 9:21 GMT+02:00 Greg KH <greg at>:

> Why do you think that it requires developers to use a debugger and qemu
> to test their code?  I've never used a debugger on the kernel in all of
> my years of kernel development...
I imagined that, at least in early development phases, developers can
from the use of a debugger, but it seems that I was wrong. Of course, for
newbies like me, a debugger is essential to understand flow and relations
between kernel code, and I'm happy that this solution is already in the
documentation (unfortunately, not for the version I was using, 4.13). Maybe
patch pointed out by Saket can be backported to releases which have the
possibility to enable KALSR, such as 4.9 (LTS) and 4.13 itself (stable)?



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