Any successful story of debugging linux 4.13 with qemu 2.10 and gdb 8.01?

Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at
Thu Sep 21 03:29:57 EDT 2017


>> Without being too long, the problem is KALSR. You have to disable it
>> disabling the kernel option "Randomize the address of the kernel image (KASLR)",
>> inside Processor type and features. In this way, gdb can translate
>> all the symbols correctly (symbols <-> addresses).
>> I really don't know how the developers test their code... because there
>> is no evidence for this.
> Why do you think that it requires developers to use a debugger and qemu
> to test their code?  I've never used a debugger on the kernel in all of
> my years of kernel development...

I agree the developers should not be doing it.

It is documented that gdb/kgdb will not work if KALSAR is enabled.

Please refer -

Saket Sinha

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