Linux release & branch management

Yubin Ruan ablacktshirt at
Thu Nov 16 00:56:58 EST 2017

2017-11-16 9:27 GMT+08:00 Anand Arumugam <anand.arumug at>:
> Hello All,
> I am looking for some good wiki or documentation about about Linux branches
> and release management. I have read in the web about the benevolent dictator
> model of git is used by Linus. But what I'm looking for is the actual
> logistical details like what are the official blessed repos/branches that
> Linus' lieutenants use and where does the patch submitted by any contributor
> get to and how does it get to, etc. The recent email thread on submitting
> patches to Linus triggered this question for me.

You might want to search for "Linux Kernel Development". Those are
talks from Greg KH, about the Linux kernel development. They are
freely available on Youtube. And here are those slides:


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