Applying the pagecache monitoring patch

Yun-Chih Chen b03902074 at
Sat May 27 09:59:54 EDT 2017


I've been trying to apply the patch here:
It is great that we can have such fine-grained monitoring on the
activity of kernel page cache, isn't it?

The author said:

My patches are based on the latest "linux-tip.git" tree and
also the following 3 commits in "tip:tracing/mm" and a "pagecache
object collections" patch.

  - dcac8cd: tracing/mm: add page frame snapshot trace
  - 1487a7a: tracing/mm: fix mapcount trace record field
  - eb46710: tracing/mm: rename 'trigger' file to 'dump_range'

My understanding is:

- He was working on the head of linux-tip:

- The HEAD had cherry-picked from three commits at branch tracing/mm
at another repo:

- Finally, he had also applied a patch posted here:

What I did is:
1. Checkout to a commit near 2011/7/18 (the latest commit at the time
the patch was sent)
2. Cherry-picked the three commits from tracing/mm
3. Apply the patch

I failed at step 3.

Anyone has any suggestion on this?



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