Cannot boot to compiled kernel

Quentin Lambert lambert.quentin at
Wed Nov 2 07:27:26 EDT 2016

On 11/02/2016 12:05 PM, Daniel Bokser wrote:
> Now I am thrown into the recovery shell with an 'Unable to find root device /dev/sdc2' (my SSD).
> The real strange thing is that the (PS/2) keyboard doesn't work, so I can't even run commands.
> Tried also USB keyboard to no avail.
> I also have a bunch of "Unknown symbol" errors from scsi_mod which fill most of the screen.
> I'm thinking the RAM disk is bad, but not sure. No amount of Google-fu was able to help me out with this one.
I had a similar problem, check to see if the RAM is ok but the problem
might be due to something else.

I was able to make it work thanks to this e-mail:

I changed to


But naively applying the patches mentioned in the e-mail did not work for me
and I haven't had the time to look further into the problem and give 
feedback to the thread.


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