Linux Regulator userspace-consumer driver binding

Daniel Steger dstegs.lkml at
Fri Jun 24 11:37:18 EDT 2016

I'm working on developing a driver for the max15301/15303 linear supply. I
eventually want to push this upstream. The regulator driver for the supply
has been created and loads properly. What I would like to do now is
regression test the driver from userspace. I noticed that there are two
different userspace drivers already present in the regulator framework. The
first is the userpsace-consumer driver. The second is the virtual regulator
driver. Both seem to create sysfs hooks for regulators.

I have enabled the userspace-consumer and virtual driver in the kernel
config. I can see that the modules are listed in the modules.builtin file.
What seems to confuse me is how to bind the consumer driver to the
regulator. Typically I would think this can be done in the device tree but
the userspace-consumer driver doesn't support device tree.

My question is, what is a good method to bind the userspace-consumer driver
to the regulator under test? Would it be more appropriate to use the
userspace-consumer driver or virtual driver?

Thank you,
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