Found a problem so what next?

Greg KH greg at
Tue Jan 19 02:36:25 EST 2016

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 05:34:32PM +0000, John Whitmore wrote:
> I built and installed v4.4 on my laptop but Suspend no longer worked so I set
> about doing a git bisect to find the source of the problem. I've never had
> cause to use bisect before so if nothing else I'll have learned something. 
> Anyhow got to an end point in git bisect of:
> john at bamboo:> git bisect bad
> Bisecting: 0 revisions left to test after this (roughly 0 steps)
> [b8b2c7d845d57f7a4b9f1f941f24728165e27626] base/platform: assert that dev_pm_domain callbacks are called unconditionally
> I was actually chuffed I got that far and it took a while as I was doing a
> "make mrproper" each time. I sort of assumed that I could just bisect and do a
> make, which would work out what it had to recompile, but then thought maybe
> that was a bit of an assumption. Be a shame to do all that work and find out
> you had to clean up a bit between builds.

You don't have to, a simple 'make oldconfig' and 'make' should do just

> I'm sure that this problem has been found and a patch submitted by now as it
> seems to have been from months ago. But assuming neither had occured and this
> was a new discovery how do you check for a reported bug? Do you search mailing
> list for that commit number, or a part of that commit number?

Yes, this bug has been found, and a fix was submitted, I just haven't
taken it yet, sorry.  I will do so after 4.5-rc1 is out.  If you search
the linux-kernel mailing list for:
	Subject: [PATCH] base/platform: Fix platform drivers with no probe callback (ex alarmtimer)

you can find the fix.

Sorry you hit this, I'll get it merged soon.

greg k-h

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