Found a problem so what next?

John Whitmore arigead at
Mon Jan 18 12:34:32 EST 2016

I built and installed v4.4 on my laptop but Suspend no longer worked so I set
about doing a git bisect to find the source of the problem. I've never had
cause to use bisect before so if nothing else I'll have learned something. 

Anyhow got to an end point in git bisect of:

john at bamboo:> git bisect bad
Bisecting: 0 revisions left to test after this (roughly 0 steps)
[b8b2c7d845d57f7a4b9f1f941f24728165e27626] base/platform: assert that dev_pm_domain callbacks are called unconditionally

I was actually chuffed I got that far and it took a while as I was doing a
"make mrproper" each time. I sort of assumed that I could just bisect and do a
make, which would work out what it had to recompile, but then thought maybe
that was a bit of an assumption. Be a shame to do all that work and find out
you had to clean up a bit between builds.

I'm sure that this problem has been found and a patch submitted by now as it
seems to have been from months ago. But assuming neither had occured and this
was a new discovery how do you check for a reported bug? Do you search mailing
list for that commit number, or a part of that commit number?

I read BUG-HUNTING in the documentation and it does mention:

"Before you submit a bug report read REPORTING-BUGS."

but can't see that document and it's not a section of BUG_HUNTING document. 

So what would the next step be? I'm sure fixing it would be one posibility but
I've never looked at power management code so I'm not the person that should
be let lose in there ;-)

I had a look in journalctl but nothing in there suggests what the actual error
is. I'll have a look at the log files some more and see if I can't get some
sort of clue which would provide more info.

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