Stop usbhid from claiming usb device on hotplug

Armin Moradi amoradi at
Mon Jun 1 11:33:16 EDT 2015

>>> Basically what your doing wrong is not understanding the hierarchy of USB devices on your system's bus.
>>> What is happening is your trying to register a USB device where the Id marco is not the correct one in the
>>> hierarchy and therefore is over ruled by the one from usbhid.
>>> If you send your complete code to the list I can try and see if there are other issues but that's the most likely.
>>> Nick
>> Thanks a lot! I have posted the complete code previously on this
>> thread, but it doesn't have much. I'll see what I can find out about
>> the usb subsystem hierarchy. Any recommended resources I could use to
>> learn more about the usb (and other) subsystems (e.g. pci, etc.) other
>> than LDD?
> I used Essential Linux Device Drivers as my resource. Also look in the driver source code for usb keyboard driver
> and read through it. If you can't find it I will point it out to you but that should get you started. One piece
> of advice is when writing drivers, try to find one in the drivers folder with similar hardware/requirements
> to base your driver off of that your writing. Also don't ask about challenges like this on the list as there
> meant to be self taught.
> Hope that Helps,
> Nick

Thanks, I'll see what I can find. Again, my question has nothing to do
with the challenge.

Armin Moradi

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