Stop usbhid from claiming usb device on hotplug

Armin Moradi amoradi at
Mon Jun 1 10:55:37 EDT 2015

> Basically what your doing wrong is not understanding the hierarchy of USB devices on your system's bus.
> What is happening is your trying to register a USB device where the Id marco is not the correct one in the
> hierarchy and therefore is over ruled by the one from usbhid.
> If you send your complete code to the list I can try and see if there are other issues but that's the most likely.
> Nick

Thanks a lot! I have posted the complete code previously on this
thread, but it doesn't have much. I'll see what I can find out about
the usb subsystem hierarchy. Any recommended resources I could use to
learn more about the usb (and other) subsystems (e.g. pci, etc.) other
than LDD?

>>>  Your right, questions about eucalyptus based tasks should be asked
>>off list
>>> to avoid people getting easy answers through.
>>No, the rules are to do it *on your own*, without asking anybody, on or
>>> However I think a lot of this could be avoided if we taught people
>>how to do
>>> kernel programming research better.
>>Well, why don't you make suggestions from your own experience how we
>>can improve
> Thats fine for me it was just not listening and pulling in effort, also lack of confidence .  However I am noticing a lot of people having difficulty
> understanding drivers and the driver core.  The issue is that most people don't know
> where to look.  I would recommend putting a list on kernel newbies of resources on a page for websites, books, tools that are useful.  Also it would be good to explain on their how to use crags/cscope for kernel code searching.
> Nick

I think I should clarify the eudyptula situation. I started doing the
challenge, and then I got to task05, which is the first task that
tells you to read LDD. I started reading the chapter that was
instructed (I'm really trying to avoid spoilers), but then also read
other chapters which looked interesting. Before I knew it, I was doing
something not related to my task at all (as far as I understood the
task, again, no spoilers). That's when I asked the question about
usbhid here and promptly got kicked. So, my question has nothing to do
with the eudyptula challenge and I'm not aware of any of the tasks
being related to this question.

Sidenote: unfortunately, I feel like the eudyptula challenge has
patented basic kernel questions as I can't even ask anything because
someone, somewhere, is doing something vaguely similar. I appreciate
the challenge, but maybe the Matasano's new challenge format
<> would do more to help interested people learn
rather than create an exclusive tunnel.

> The issue is that most people don't know where to look.

That is the issue I'm having as the header files, while pretty good in
describing what's going on, don't explain the higher level stuff
that's needed before diving into header docs. Although I may have
jumped in unprepared.

Armin Moradi

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