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| I have just finished C & linux application programming with a tinge of socket programming.
| I would like to know what do statements like the following mean
| - "Have knowledge of Protocols such as TCP/IP, IPSec, IPV6 or SSL"   
| Does it mean to have a theoretical view of the facets which constitute the protocol which can be done by reading RFC or does it also mean to have implementation knowledge (code understanding) as well. I am not very clear about this statement which is generally used quite often.
| Secondly, it the latter understanding is correct (Theory - RFC + Implementation - Code) then where to look for the code which deals with a particular protocol ?
rfc's etc come in play once you start digging into internals of said
protocols. humble suggestion would be to start in a top->down
manner. first as a user of these, and then go 'down the stack' (so to
speak) if it strikes your fancy. 

if you don't know it already, richard-steven's networking books would
serve as an indispensable guide on your journey.

have fun !

kind regards

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