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> I would like to know what do statements like the following mean
>    - "Have knowledge of Protocols such as TCP/IP, IPSec, IPV6 or SSL"
> Does it mean to have a theoretical view of the facets which constitute the
> protocol which can be done by reading RFC or does it also mean to have
> implementation knowledge (code understanding) as well.

It usually means "understand it from the point of view of the job you're
applying for", and "know it well enough to be productive/useful without
extensive training".

If you're applying for a network engineer, it means you understand at
least a bit about BGP and routing, how to use wireshark or other tools
to look at bits on the wire, identifying nodes that are having issues, etc.

If you're applying for a userspace programming job, it means you
know how to use gethostbyname(), send()/recv()/ and friends, and
how to use OpenSSL to connect to a remote system that wants to talk TLS.

If you're doing kernel hacking, it means you understand how all the
stuff under net/ works - and that if it says SSL it's time to go
running screaming into the night. :)
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