Linux's MMC driver and SDCard life time doubt

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SD cards have internal algorithms for writing balance.

2015-06-09 10:56 GMT-07:00 Daniel. <danielhilst at>:

> Hi for all,
> I have an application running on top of an sd card formated with vfat.
> This application is Java and uses ActiveMQ on same vfat sdcard filesystem,
> the ActiveMQ generates a huge I/O on sdcard.
> I know that SDCards sectors have an specific writing limits. I want to
> know if Linux's mmc driver would spare the writes across whole SDCard
> improving its life time or if this role is to be played by filesystem?
> The SDCards live about 15 days before crashing, after crashing I can't
> format it again, I have no idea about tools for getting a status of SD
> remaing life time, any pointing would be helpful!
> Thanks in advance!
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