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On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 8:38 PM, srinivas bakki <srinivas.bakki at>

> No intentions to criticize(if you think so) really. You got to mature. I
> respect Valdis/Robert. I know mulyadi had been the ultimate contributor.
> ofcourse iam nobody here but got to say that you are also nobody to preach
> me. We are all here to learn and let's do it the way it's supposed to be.
> And yet again, you are Top-posting.
I am beginning to think, you are probably trolling, and I should have
ignored you right from the beginning.

*>>resending because not sent to all.*

*Apologies for the noise. *

> On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 2:01 AM, Anuz Pratap Singh Tomar <
> chambilkethakur at> wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 8:16 PM, srinivas bakki <srinivas.bakki at
>> > wrote:
>>> Anuz,
>>>          Sorry about that. But am also sorry that you could find a
>>> problem as silly as that. We have a greater problem at hand.
>>> As a kernel hacker, no problem is silly like that. All problem needs to
>> be discussed in open.
>> I have been on this list for about 8+ years and Robert and Vlad are the
>> most helpful people on the list. I have not seen Mulyadi for a while but he
>> was one of the top posters besides these two.
>> You on the other hand have not helped one bit in this case besides just
>> criticising them.
>> Original poster has made no effort whatsoever to actually look into it
>> more than  knowing keywords like kernel hacking.
>> To begin with development, one quick google search will reveal the basic
>> books you need to read.
>> There is shit tonne of information on kernelnewbies about kernel
>> development, but that doesn't seem to be mentioned by OP.
>> Now, this mentality of spoon feeding people, who want to essentially
>> write code for CORE of an Operating system, which by very definition is one
>> of the most complex piece of software in existence, is neither good to the
>> poster nor to the community. To be frank, there was a lot of good advice in
>> Vlad's mail except for the fact that it was masked in clever banter.
>> This type of mail spring up every month without fail, where a newbie will
>> just ask for help without a proper subject line, without a proper issue,
>> heck sometimes there is not even a real question. Most of these newbies
>> never turn up with a real question, let alone a problem which need to be
>> discussed or learned. On main kernel list, this type of mails will not even
>> be addressed.
>> I would recommend that if you really want to help OP, then suggest them
>> with the help and not criticise people, who are really trying to help here.
>> --
>> Thank you
>> Warm Regards
>> Anuz

Thank you
Warm Regards
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