Kernel Config for Chromium Browser?

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Thu Jan 31 10:41:20 EST 2013

On Thu, 31 Jan 2013 16:15:45 +0100, Martin Kepplinger said:
> I stripped down my .config for my kernel-compilation a bit, but thought
> that I really just removed unnecessary stuff. But really, the
> consequency was, that the Chromium Browser didn't load _any_ page. Not
> even locally and no chrome:// page. It started, but just stayed at a
> white page.
> I didn't change the system whatsoever. I know it was the kernel. Does
> anyone by chance know what parameter caused that behaviour? What does
> chromium do differently? different than firefox.

There's too many possibilities to count, actually.  It's probably possible
to debug it and figure out *which* thing you missed, but this is probably
a lot faster and more accurate:

1) Boot your distro kernel, which is probably an 'allmodconfig' and will
end up loading a whole pile of modules.
2) Insert all your USB memory sticks, webcams, disk drives, and other
peripherals, at least long enough for udev to see them and load their
respective device drivers.
3) At this point, 'lsmod' should list pretty much every module you actually
use during normal use.
4) cd to wherever you have your kernel source tree, and 'make localmodconfig'.
This will take the output of 'lsmod' and customize the kernel for you.
5) Then proceed to make/make install/reboot and enjoy. :)

Note that in step 4, it *is* possible to miss a kernel module that you
may need in the future (that's why I said to insert all the peripherals,
so their modules get included).  It will usually show up as something
like "You add a new rule/option to iptables and it doesn't work" or
similar.  At that point, you just have to go enable that missing option.

(It's possible to strip down a distro kernel a *lot* - comparing
the current Fedora Rawhide kernel with the one I have booted now:

[~] grep '=[ym]' /boot/config-3.8.0-0.rc5.git1.1.fc19.x86_64 | wc -l
[~] grep '=y' /boot/config-3.8.0-0.rc5.git1.1.fc19.x86_64 | wc -l
[~] grep '=m' /boot/config-3.8.0-0.rc5.git1.1.fc19.x86_64 | wc -l
[~] grep '=[ym]' /boot/config-3.8.0-rc3-next-20130117 | wc -l
[~] grep '=y' /boot/config-3.8.0-rc3-next-20130117 | wc -l
[~] grep '=m' /boot/config-3.8.0-rc3-next-20130117 | wc -l

And I could get that 1209 down to well under 900 - there's a few parts
of the kernel (iptables, crypto, and some filesystems) that I mostly just
build just to give it build/test coverage.

Yes, it builds 3 times faster than the Fedora kernel. ;)

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