Cross Compiling a different architechture

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I do not know why but whether ncurses or menuconfig the build fails at some modules (specially hardware architecture ones), specially at cross compiling architecture build stage. It went smoothly for same system architecture like i386 or x86 but not for arm or arm64.

Where is the doc's for Kernel defconfig and kconfig in I am trying to make and edit each manually for each architecture and then run make all. The problem is it is not allowing me to assemble all sub-architectures for say arm or arm64 as a dynamic module. I have to specify and select each option (sub-hardware architecture) specifically during build of defconfig for the architecture. My x86 is also blocking the build at times. I did not get anything good on my google search.

w.r.t. Knoppix, Thank you, let me check the informit link for the architecture and usage relevance. 

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Creating Defconfig and menuconfig (options) for all in one system from kernel. I want a clean build rather than an external mount, most I found did not have documentation.
there is extensive documentation under Documentation/ directory in kernel source.
on simple search I got this link about building kernel on knoppix:
pretty much on most distribution, you  can install ncurses and go for make menuconfig and then just make(i.e. if you are native compiling the kernel). 
However the config for distributions are fairly complex these days, so you may require to build few other things like initrd and create devices files and all.  Please refer to distro documentation for knoppix:

I would recommend that you read these guidelines before asking any question on this list

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>> Hello,
>> Any help with some doc's. I see a defconfig for all, but the tree is not
>> clear. Any documentation support for this in .Kconfig and .defconfig?
>Which config option you're not clear? Asking like this will only put
>you in the blue, you know....
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