thinking of updating the canonical online udev document

Mandeep Sandhu mandeepsandhu.chd at
Tue Apr 26 09:05:58 EDT 2011

> That doc could almost be removed entirely now, as no one should need to
> mess with udev rules "by hand" anymore thanks to devtmpfs and the
> default udev rules that are in all distros (with one notable exception.)
> What is your goal in redoing this?  Why would a user/developer ever need
> to mess with udev on their own anymore?

Well, I would! :)

We're working on an embedded platform and can't use a complete distro.
But we still want some good-bits from the desktop world, to be
available for our system. And udev is one such thing we're trying to
use (for USB plug and play kind of a feature).

Apart from having a custom vendor-supplied kernel, pretty much
everything else in the user-space has to be "hand-coded" by us.

Or is there another 'convenient' alternative?


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