Problem with booting using qemu

Minwoo Lee ermaker at
Wed Apr 13 00:27:08 EDT 2011

Hi, all.

I want to study kernel, so I tried booting my custom compiled kernel
on qemu with '-kernel' and '-initrd' option.

First, I installed ubuntu 10.10 with cdrom, no LVM.
$ qemu disk.img -cdrom ubuntu-10.10-server-i386.iso -vnc :1

After installation, I tried booting my custom compiled kernel(but not
modified, just compiled).
$ sudo qemu -m 512 -enable-kvm disk.img -nographic -append
"console=ttyS0 root=/dev/sda1 ro" -kernel bzImage -initrd

And I got result like this.

[    2.687558] EXT4-fs (sda1): INFO: recovery required on readonly filesystem
[    2.688085] EXT4-fs (sda1): write access will be enabled during recovery
[    2.691679] EXT4-fs (sda1): recovery complete
[    2.944387] EXT4-fs (sda1): mounted filesystem with ordered data
mode. Opts: (null)
Begin: Running /scripts/local-bottom ... done.
Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ... done.
[    2.988413] e1000 0000:00:03.0: eth0: (PCI:33MHz:32-bit) 52:54:00:12:34:56
[    2.988871] e1000 0000:00:03.0: eth0: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection

After that, the machine just stopped and I don't know the cause.

What is the cause, or how to find the cause?

The whole log is in this url.

Thank you for reading.

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