why only C?

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thanks a lot guys....
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> >why dont we use some fully OOPs supportive language like JAVA or partial
> >supportive language like  C++ to construct Linux Kernel????
> Hi Mohit,
> This is an old debate, which by the way extends to the whole embedded
> realm,
> not only to Linux. The best way to get an acceptable answer and
> understanding
> to your question is to do some work by yourself.
> Start by writing a very basic scheduler for some embedded platform. You may
> use
> even your PC for this. Consider two tasks, one writing "A" and the other
> "B" to
> the console. Read "Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary"
> by
> Linus Torvalds and David Diamond. Linus explains in grand detail how this
> can
> be done on your PC.
> Once you got it in "C" start again and write it in "C++" and why not in
> "Java".
> And when you done with all this exercise, please come back here and publish
> your code and conclusions. Everybody and especially you will have to learn
> from this experiment. At my knowledge it has not yet been done by anyone.
> You may bind and lead a team of volunteers willing to participate to this
> experiment. It will go faster. I really think this is the way to get a
> clearer
> idea
> about the best tools to write embedded software.
> Best luck in this endeavor,
> Stephan.
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