why only C?

StephanT stman937-linewbie at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 13:37:22 EDT 2011

>why dont we use some fully OOPs supportive language like JAVA or partial 
>supportive language like  C++ to construct Linux Kernel????

Hi Mohit,

This is an old debate, which by the way extends to the whole embedded realm, 
not only to Linux. The best way to get an acceptable answer and understanding 
to your question is to do some work by yourself. 

Start by writing a very basic scheduler for some embedded platform. You may use
even your PC for this. Consider two tasks, one writing "A" and the other "B" to 
the console. Read "Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary" by
Linus Torvalds and David Diamond. Linus explains in grand detail how this can 
be done on your PC.

Once you got it in "C" start again and write it in "C++" and why not in "Java".
And when you done with all this exercise, please come back here and publish
your code and conclusions. Everybody and especially you will have to learn
from this experiment. At my knowledge it has not yet been done by anyone.

You may bind and lead a team of volunteers willing to participate to this 
experiment. It will go faster. I really think this is the way to get a clearer 
about the best tools to write embedded software.

Best luck in this endeavor,

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