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On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 00:43, bhuvan gupta <bhuvangu at> wrote:
> With due respect, I humbly request you to please throw some light on to
> below written question. i will highly appreciate your efforts.

You're a bit humble and polite than your predecessors :D but still, OOT is OOT

> but how to write this library , in what language they are written in as
> standard ANSI C  has round about 32 keywords ?

What do you mean by 32 keywords? Writing C library is like writing
normal code...

just watch out, we're target kernel space here. You can't use normal
libc for example instead printf, you have to use
printk() or similar. And no floating point number operation...

NB: assuming you wanna made user space DSO (Dynamic Shared Object), is
just the code would be made as PIC (AFAIK it means Position
Independent Code). Google for ld (linker) to find out more about it.
here's one:


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