QUestion on C language

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Wed Dec 22 12:43:50 EST 2010

Respected sir,

I am Bhuvan Gupta, a B.Tech student.(got your id from yours " USB LED driver
- 1.1 ")
With due respect, I humbly request you to please throw some light on to
below written question. i will highly appreciate your efforts.

[1] when we use C language,we use diferent library to do different thing.As
also in your case you use module.h,init.h etc
but how to write this library , in what language they are written in as
standard ANSI C  has round about 32 keywords ?
what should i read and learn to the related topic .

please suggest something

(I do have knowledge of Assembly).

please help,this question making me beacen

it will be honour if you reply.

thank you
Bhuvan Gupta
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