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Thu Jan 26 07:28:26 EST 2023

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On Thu, 26 Jan 2023 at 05:43:42 +0530, Aurel Pere wrote:
> Ok thanks for these infos i will check it out
> When saying automatic i was referring to kernel updates in
> package repositories (with apt or dnf) where auto download
> and install can be configured for security updates...i was
> thinking about applying config options but i guess they are
> already compiled?

Yes, those are already compiled. That's why the process is so

> Isnt there a tool that would download new kernel based on
> repository security updates and that would compile it with a
> provided config file?
> I can use a bash script or ansible role but i dont see how to
> keep close to the official kernel distribution updates
> automatically...

Make a cron job to pull from the kernel repo automatically, either
the stable or Fedora's official repo. Then you can run
the merge_config script, and then build the kernel. Then, you can
run `update-grub` or whatever is the process.

Unless for learning, why do this? Fedora maintainers do know their
stuff, so you can trust them. You are not going to audit changes
anyways, so this exercise is futile as you are basically doing the
same thing as `sudo dnf update` (or whatever the dnf command is),
but without the testing from maintainers and other people. Not to
mention the Fedora specific quirks which won't be there upstream.

Better to have your stuff up-to-date using dnf-automatic.


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