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Ok thanks for these infos i will check it out
When saying automatic i was referring to kernel updates in package repositories (with apt or dnf) where auto download and install can be configured for security updates...i was thinking about applying config options but i guess they are already compiled?
Isnt there a tool that would download new kernel based on repository security updates and that would compile it with a provided config file?
I can use a bash script or ansible role but i dont see how to keep close to the official kernel distribution updates automatically...

25 janv. 2023 23:21:15 Siddh Raman Pant <code at>:

> On Thu, 26 Jan 2023 at 03:25:08 +0530, A.Péré wrote:
>> Is there a distribution with automated tools to compile a kernel
>> with custom config settings
> Yes, it is your favourite distro, whichever that may be. You just
> need the tools to build, which you may already have, but can be seen
> in docs:
>> that ils easier and more accessible
> If you want a GUI, use `make xconfig`.
>> un particular for automated updates with automatic custom compiling config?
> Have your custom config options in a separate file somewhere, and use
> scripts/kconfig/ to merge. Example in a script:
>         make defconfig
>         ./scripts/kconfig/ .config common.config
> The script will take care of requisite stuff, which additional options
> to enable, etc.
> Or you can have your entire config saved in .config, and just run
> everytime you pull newer kernel code.
> Thanks,
> Siddh
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