linked list within a kernel probe

Billie Alsup (balsup) balsup at
Mon Jan 9 11:15:31 EST 2023

> static __u8 _kprobe_setup_cache_elements( struct kprobe_head *pHead,
> __u16 elements, __u32 size)
> {
>      struct list_head local_head;
>      INIT_LIST_HEAD(&local_head);
>          pHead->p_mem_cache = &local_head;
> }

just from a quick look at this code, my guess is that you should not be using stack addresses in your list.
Your local_head is on the stack, therefore it gets corrupted after you exit your function and invoke other functions.
Did you really mean to store a pointer to local_head, or was your intention to point to the first element on local_head?

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