Boot stucks at "Loading initial ramdisk"

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Fri Dec 22 06:21:53 EST 2023

Hi Valdis,

On Fri, Dec 22, 2023 at 10:52 AM Valdis Klētnieks <valdis.kletnieks at>

> On Thu, 21 Dec 2023 17:58:23 +0530, Dileep Sankhla said:
> > I have cloned and built the latest rc kernel using the default config but
> > on boot, it stucks at "Loading initial ramdisk". I have tried booting
> after
> > removing the "quiet" option from the kernel parameters just before
> > selecting the kernel from the grub menu.
> So when you remove 'quiet', what's the last output you get from the kernel?

I see no output from the kernel.

> You might also take a look at whether the initramfs image was installed to
> the right
> location, and whether its size/contents seem reasonable.
After checking the GRUB config (/boot/grub/grub.cfg) for both bootable and
non-bootable kernels, I can confirm that the initramfs image was installed
to the right location. Its size is only 18M. The bootable kernel release's
initramfs image is 71M in size.

I find similar contents in both of them though. Here is the contents
of initrd.img-6.7.0-rc6-test (see [1]).


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