REPOST : Kernel panic when try to install Rocky 8.4

mavis mavisgame at
Fri Nov 4 05:34:43 EDT 2022

Hi All,

I tried to install Rocky linux 8.4 (kernel 4.18.0-305) but when the kernel starts, it result to "Kernel Panic - not syncing : Timeout: Not all CPUs entered broadcast exception handler".
I tried to use other distribs (Centos ; AlmaLinux) and I think this problem is related to the kernel version. FYI, the system is running on an 11th Gen i7-1185GRE CPU, maybe the problem is with this CPU ?

With the distribution where the kernel version used is 4.18.0-80 or earlier, not kernel panic appear, but on the version 4.18.0-305 until 5.15.x (not included, 5.15.x works), I always had a kernel panic error.

Do you have any tips on how to solve or why the problem occurs ?

**Sorry for my english, I'm still learning, if you don't understand, please let me know.
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